Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Therapy, week 5

Therapy was great today, I'm really glad that I decided to do this for myself. The anxiety is way better and I feel like I'm coming out of the funk I've been in lately. I'm less stressed out, I'm happier and I've worked through some crap that I should have resolved long ago. I've also been able to get off the medication that had crappy side effects, which is what prompted me to do this in the first place. It's all good.

Today Clarissa and I went to a music and movement class at the library and it was awesome! I've been to several toddler classes at local libraries over the years and some of them are great and some of them are not so great. This one was fantastic! It's a newer library in a really pretty area and half of the class was indoors and half was outdoors. After they did their standard dancing around to silly music indoors we went outside and played with one of those big colorful parachutes. The kids shook it around, ran under it and had a ball. After that the woman who runs the class sat all the kids in shade, got out her guitar and they all sang together. Clarissa absolutely loved it and I had a really good time too. It was nice to get out for a bit and do something fun. Clarissa has finally reached the age where it's fun to take her places and we're really having a good time together. One great thing about my kids being spaced far apart in age is that I've gotten this toddler one on one time with all three of them. I like this age when we can do things together during the day.

She's so funny, every morning we drive Matthew to the bus stop (because his bus stop is in a ridiculous location. Don't get me started.) and as soon as Matthew gets his backpack on and gets ready to leave, Clarissa runs and gets the little pink backpack that she got from her foster mother in Korea and puts it on. She wears it in the car while we get Matthew to the bus stop and then we come home and she takes it off and puts it away until the next day. She adores her big brothers and always tries to do whatever they're doing.

The school year is going great for the boys so far. Josh seems to be enjoying middle school and Matthew is loving third grade. I'm proud of my boys. They're really good kids.

This weekend I'm looking forward to having a little date night with Shawn. He finished reading The Help and we're going to see the movie. It's been a while since we've been to a movie without kids so I'm looking forward to it! Yay for date night! :)

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shelly said...

Yay for date night indeed! My two kids are 5 1/2 years apart and some people make a big deal about the age difference. Fact is, I love it for just the reason you stated and it was right for us. When I was home on maternity leave with ds, dd was at school all day, and my husband was a sahd so the 3 of us had a precious 3 months together during those days.