Monday, November 28, 2011

Back to Life

Well, the vacation fun is over and it's time to get back to real life! I had a really fun trip to my hometown. I needed a few days away REALLY bad! It helped, my brain feels clear again and I'm ready to get back to work around here.

So today I've been taking advantage of Cyber Monday and getting most of my Christmas shopping done. I'm a big internet shopper. I prefer to shop that way, especially for Christmas presents because I can do it without the kids and everything just shows up at my house in discreet brown boxes that are easy to hide. I've got probably 80% of my shopping done now. I got the big things done today that I knew were going to take some searching around, so that's good.

I'm really looking forward to Christmas this year. I'm anxious to get the Christmas tree up and get into a Christmasy mood. We have some fun parties and things coming up that I'm looking forward to. Next week Shawn's company party is at one of our favorite restaurants, so we're really looking forward to that!

One of the other things I've been working on is planning the summer vacation that I'm so excited about. Over the Thanksgiving holiday our trip to Canada turned into a trip to the Oregon coast. I was telling my mom all about our plans to go to Canada and Shawn and I kept bringing up the trip we took to the Oregon Coast with the boys when they were little and we kept saying how much fun it was and my mom said "well then why don't you just go back there?". Shawn and I looked at each other and you know what, that's where we really want to go. I wanted to do Canada because we've never been there before, but it's a lot farther drive that Oregon and with Clarissa being so young still I'm not sure how much fun a super long car trip would actually be. I still want to take the trip to Northern Idaho and Canada but I think we're going to do it in a few years when a super long car trip would be easier.

The Oregon coast is still a long drive but we can stop in Portland for the night and go to the zoo and do all the other things we love to do along the way. I absolutely love going to the Oregon coast. That's where we spent our honeymoon and some of the best vacations I've ever had in my life have been there. It's peaceful and beautiful and everything I love about going on vacation.

The Oregon coast is stunningly beautiful. It's ocean on one side and forest on the other. Renting a beach house is really fun there because you feel like you're in the woods but you can go right outside and play in the ocean. I love it there because it's never super crowded so it's quiet and peaceful but there are still a lot of fun things to do. The more we talked about it this weekend the more we realized that it was the perfect location for our summer vacation.

So I've had a great time searching for beach houses to rent. There are a million different options all up and down the coast so I'm still not sure exactly where we'll end up, but I'm having fun looking. Part of the fun of a vacation for me is planning it. I'll spend all winter planning it before I decide on anything.

So between Christmas shopping and summer vacation planning, I'm busy and happy and life is pretty good at the moment. Yay! :)


Dustin, Darci, Britton, Benjamin, & Caden said...

The Oregon Coast is the best vacation ever! we love it there. We want to take our boys there again too. I think the last time we went, Britton was a baby.

Shawn said...

I can't wait to go back. It's been way to long.