Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day 10

I don't have much to blog about but I wanted to share a funny story from today.

Remember the Korean exchange student named Michael that we hosted for a month earlier this year? When he went back to Korea Clarissa kept asking where he went and we had to keep reminding her that he went back to Korea.

We talk about Korea a lot in our house and Clarissa is used to hearing about it but obviously doesn't really grasp what Korea actually is. It's interesting though, that she can often point out something that is Korean. If she sees a picture of an Asian person she will point to them and say "Korea!". Sometimes when she sees something distinctly Asian/Korean looking, like some of the Korean nicknacks we have or whatever, she'll identify it as Korea. But I'm sure that she has no idea what Korea actually is. She's just too young to understand it.

Today I needed to run to the Korean market to buy some Korean snacks called Pepero because tomorrow is Pepero day in Korea (I'll make a post about that tomorrow). I asked her if she wanted to go to the Korean store and she got all excited and said "I love Korea!". Somehow I think she thought we were finally going to that mysterious, much talked about place called Korea, lol. We got in the car and as I was strapping her in we were talking about Korea and she said "Anyoung!", which is Korean for "Hi". We have taught her that in the past but I had absolutely no idea that she remembered it or that she associated it with Korea. I asked her again what people say in Korea and she said "anyoung!". It blew me away! Smart girl!

So then we got to the Korean market and we did our shopping. I love going to the Korean market. I like to walk around and look at all the cool stuff. We paid for our Pepero and as we were walking out of the store, Clarissa looked back, all confused and said "where's Michael?". We've been telling her all this time that Michael was in Korea and she thought that the Korean market was Korea, so I guess she was expecting to see Michael there! It made us all laugh. But now I'm afraid one of these days I'm going to explain to her that she came from Korea and she's going to think we bought her at the Korean market, lol.

Check back tomorrow to hear all about Pepero Day!

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