Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 14

Woohoo, I've blogged every day for two weeks straight! Yay me! :)

There's not a whole lot going on here these days. I've taken up yoga for my anxiety, which is super hilarious because I'm so bad at it. I bought a set of videos and there are some really great routines on there for stress relief that mostly just involve laying on the yoga mat and breathing deeply. I'm really good at laying there and breathing! :) But I've been trying to branch out and do some of the more strenuous routines (they're videos for beginners, so strenuous is relative. They're supposed to be really simple routines) and I've discovered that there is pretty much no one in the world less flexible than me! It's embarassing how bad I am at it. I start off super excited and determined to follow along and five minutes into it I'm sitting on my yoga mat giving the yoga video lady the finger while she turns herself into a human pretzel. It's super awesome, I'm sad that you all can't witness the hillarity that is me doing yoga.

In other news, this morning Clarissa brought me a book and asked me to read it to her. It was a big book about the solar system that we bought for one of the boys a few years ago. It's not exactly a picture book that you read to a two year old. I really didn't want to read a reference book about the solar system to her so I told her to go find me another book to read. Instead of finding another book to read she sad down next to me, opened up the solar system book and started pointing to planets and correctly naming them! Apparently Shawn has been reading it to her and teaching her the planets. I had no idea she could name the planets! Silly me for thinking that a reference book on the solar system was to much to read a two year old, lol.

Last night we went over to a friends house for ice cream. These were the friends we went on our yearly cabin trip with earlier this year. They compiled all the pictures and video that everyone took on the cabin trip and made a super cute video out of it that we watched last night. It was fun to relieve that trip and remember how much fun we had. I love those friends. They're like family to me.

And speaking of family, we're going to my moms house for Thanksgiving this year, which should be fun. I've been going a bit stir crazy around here lately and I'm desperate to get out of town for a few days. I'm looking forward to taking a break from life and spending a few days with family.

Well, it sounds like Clarissa is up from her nap so I'm off to entertain her and think about dinner! More blogging tomorrow! :)

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