Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 15

I'm completely out of blog topic ideas today. I checked the blogher writing prompt and started a blog post about it (the topic was to describe your favorite place) but it was boring and I wasn't inspired. The Oregon Coast is my favorite place, by the way.

So I'll tell two quick stories and be on my way.

The first story is that I made sugar cookies yesterday. Josh came home from school yesterday with a certificate that said he made the honor roll for first quarter. I was super excited about that and decided to make sugar cookies as a special treat to celebrate.

I really don't love to bake. I do make things occasionally but it's not my favorite thing to do. When I make cookies they're usually really simple ones. Sugar cookies are kind of a big pain to make and I always forget that until I'm halfway through making them and start asking myself what I was thinking. I found a cool snowflake cookie cutter that I thought would be fun. I envisioned frosting them with light blue frosting and sprinkling silver glittery sprinkles on them. They were beautiful in my head! :)

Three hours after I got the brilliant idea and starting pulling out ingredients, my kitchen looked like a tornado hit it, there was flour everywhere, I had frosting in my hair, there were cookie sheets all over the place and I was questioning my sanity, lol. I'm a messy cook on a good day and sugar cookies are just messy to make. The snowflake cookie cutter ended up being the wrong choice. They didn't look much like snowflakes in the end and they were really hard to frost with all the little pointy spikes. They weren't nearly as pretty in reality as they were in my head. They do taste great though and since I wasn't planning on entering them in a pretty cookie contest, I'd say they were a success. I just won't be making them again any time soon. :)

My second story is that this morning I was getting ready to take Matthew to school and my vision started to get weird. There was a bright, blurry spot in the center, almost like someone had shot a flashbulb in my eyes. I drove Matthew to school and got halfway home and it started to get worse. I started losing my peripheral vision. It was bright and sparkly and I couldn't see well at all. I was driving at the time, which was really scary. I didn't know what was going on and I was kind of freaking out.

I was close to home and managed to see well enough to get home and I immediately ran in the house and called Shawn and explained what was happening. By the time I got him on the phone my vision was clearing and it wasn't as bad. Shawn listened to me describe what had happened and then said, "so did you get the headache yet?" Shawn suffers from occasional migraines and what I described is exactly what happens to him right before he gets a migraine. He told me to go take some pain medicine right away and lay down. I did end up getting a headache, although not a terrible one, thanks to the medicine. My vision is fine now and I feel fine, it was just super scary for a few minutes. That has never happened to me before. I later looked up migraine auras online and what they described is exactly what happened. It's good to know if it ever happens again. It was scary for a few minutes.

So there are my two stories for the day. Let's hope I have something more interesting to talk about tomorrow!


Monkey said...

I have the best sugar cookie recipe but really the key is in making sure to chill the dough before you start working with it so that it doesnt stick and also when chilled the cookies keep their shape better. I'm sure the kiddos gobbled them up!

Dustin, Darci, Britton, Benjamin, & Caden said...

I thought that was a pretty interesting post! Good to know what migraine looks like. You cook just like I do. I'm a very messy cook.