Friday, November 4, 2011


I didn't like the NaBloPoMo writing prompt for today, so I'm just going with whatever is in my head. that I'm sitting here I'm realizing that there's not a whole lot of anything in my head right now. Darn.

Here's a cute story from this morning. Clarissa and I had preschool this morning and there is a cute little boy named Alex in the class. We were sitting there eating our snack when suddenly he stood up and took his shirt off. His mom asked him why he took his shirt off and he said "I'm hot!". Clarissa thought that someone taking their shirt off in the middle of preschool was the funniest thing that has ever happened in her life. She burst out laughing and hasn't stopped talking about it all day. All afternoon she'll be playing with toys or whatever and all of a sudden she'll start giggling and say "Alex took his shirt off!"  It's funny what amuses a two year old. :)

Speaking of Clarissa, I feel bad that I didn't blog on October 15th, which was the two year anniversary of her joining our family!! TWO YEARS, can you believe it?! Clarissa celebrated the day by being the flower girl in a friends wedding. If you've been reading my blog for a long time maybe you remember me talking about our Korean friend Larry. He used to be a co-worker of Shawn's and when he found out that we were adopting from Korea he was really excited and we kind of bonded over it and became good friends. While we were waiting for Clarissa he came over several times and made us Korean food and helped me with the language and we all watched Korean movies together. Larry had a girlfriend named Michelle, who we also became close with. When Clarissa joined our family they were really exited for us and last year when they got engaged they asked Clarissa to be the flower girl.

I had really been looking forward to the wedding and the whole flower girl thing, unfortunately when the big day arrived it was the day I started getting the flu and I really didn't feel well. We got Clarissa dressed up in her super cute flower girl dress and went to the wedding and everything was beautiful but I didn't feel well that night. Clarissa did a great job as the flower girl though, which was a big relief because you can never predict what a two year old is going to do! :) The kids had a ball at the reception and they danced all night. You should see Clarissa do the chicken dance. I wish I had gotten it on video!

Anyway, we're super happy for Larry and Michelle and it was a fun way to spend Clarissa's second family day. It honestly blows my mind that two years has passed. Why is it that the two years we waited for her seemed to drag on for an eternity and the two years since have flown by like nothing? Probably because I'm way busier now! It's fun now to read blog posts from before Clarissa came home. It's fun to remember how excited I was and how I wondered what she'd look like and what she'd be like. Honestly, the whole experience far exceeded anything I could have imagined. Having Clarissa in our family has been amazing. I absolutely adore that little girl.

Things are going awesome with the boys these days too. Josh is settled in to middle school and is getting straight A's, which I'm really proud of. It was great to go to parent teacher conferences and have every one of his teachers go on about what a great kid he is. I'm proud of the person he is becoming. He turns 12 in May, something I'm not quite ready for, but I'm excited to see him learning and growing and becoming his own person. He's an awesome kid.

Matthew is loving third grade. He's still on a year round school schedule and his track break starts on Monday, so he'll be home for the rest of the month. It's weird this year because Josh and Matthew are on different school schedules now, so Matthew will be home and Josh will still have school. It's kind of a bummer for Matthew because he and Josh are such good friends and play well together when they're both home. He'll miss having Josh home. Matthew is in the gifted program, which meets one day a week and that program still continues through track break because it involves other schools that aren't on a year round schedule, so I'll still take him over there for part of the day every Tuesday through track break. He loves the gifted program so he's excited that he'll still be able to do that during the break.

Both the boys are still in taekwondo and doing great. They're high blue belts and are hopefully going to be advancing to their red belts next month. After that they just have high red and deputy belt (which is black and red) and then they'll get their black belts. The last few belts generally progress slower though, because it progressively gets harder, so it will be at least another year before they get their black belts. I'm proud of how hard they've worked. They can do things I never imagined that they'd be able to do!

So there's your update on what's happening in the kids lives these days. I have awesome kids and I'm proud of them.

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