Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I'm still alive!

People are starting to ask where I went (which I appreciated because I wasn't sure if anyone was even reading my blog anymore!) so I decided I'd better get here and update.

Frankly, it's been a pretty crappy month, which is why I haven't blogged. It's kind of a long story, but I've had one long string of assorted health problems. It started out with my heartburn flaring up again and it became hard to swallow, so they sent me for an endoscopy, where they stuck a camera down my throat to see what was going on down there. They ended up dilating my esophagus with a balloon type thing and now I can swallow again. Fun.

Then I started having crazy heart palpitations, which are super scary and feel like I'm having a heart attack 50 times a day. I had the same thing a few months ago and attributed it to some medication I was taking, but I"m not taking the medication anymore. I had a physical and they ran a million tests and there's nothing wrong with me, my heart is just beating weird for no reason. The doctor said it isn't going to hurt me and to just ignore it. Easier said than done.

Then two and a half weeks ago I got the flu and I've never been so sick in my whole life. I went back to the doctor to be tested for strep because it felt like I was swallowing glass but the test was negative. I had a fever, terrible congestion and my whole body hurt for two solid weeks. Even now I'm still not feeling super great. I still have a cough and my head is still a bit stuffy but I'm finally coming out of it.

So all in all, October was a pretty crappy month. I spent the entire month either on the couch or at the doctor. Neither of which were any fun. At one point Shawn and Clarissa got sick too and we were all so pathetic that neighbors started bringing us meals, which were wonderful and the highlight of my crappy month. I'm grateful for good friends.

So here it is, November first and I'm trying to pull myself back together and put crappy October behind me. In my quest for a better me, October was not successful. I missed some therapy due to being sick and my big plans and goal setting pretty much got abandoned for a bit.

It's OK though, I'm moving forward and not looking back. My latest plan in my quest to be a better me is yoga. I bought some yoga DVD's the other day and I actually kind of like it. I've always wanted to try it, but I'm sadly not flexible and I never dared to take a class at the gym because I really don't need a room full of people watching me make a fool out of myself. But now I'm doing yoga in the comfort of my home where no one gets to watch how bad I am at it! :) I've only been doing it for two days but so far I like it and it's been a nice stress reliever. Being sick for a month made my anxiety worse and now I'm trying to refocus and yoga is helping. I'm hoping that if I do it at home long enough I'll get good enough at it to take a class at the gym.

So there's a recap of my crappy month. Not much else is happening around here. Everything kind of came to a halt when I got sick. The kids went trick or treating last night and had a ball. This is the first year that Clarissa has been old enough to really kind of understand Halloween and she was SO excited! I have a bunch of pictures I want to share but my old laptop died and I just got a new one and I don't have Photoshop or any of my photos transferred over to it yet. That's my project for this week. I'll be back with pictures when I have things up and running better.

For now I'm going to eat some Halloween candy and go to bed. Tomorrow is a new day and it's time for me to get back to work!


Aly said...

Yay! Glad you're back (I'm one of your crazy blog stalkers who started following you back during your adoption process, and I occasionally stalk baby center too)! Sorry October was so crappy, but glad you're on the mend. Can't to see halloween pictures.

shelly said...

I'm glad you're back too! Just like Aly, I've been following your blog since you first posted about it on that crazy BHB board (which I don't stalk at all, if it's even still around). I hope November and beyond look up for you. I personally can't believe it's almost the end of another year. Seriously, where does the time go?!

Jeni said...

Glad to see you posting but sorry it's been a bad month. Here's to a better November!