Monday, December 12, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Christmas season is in full swing at our house! I'm getting so excited for it this year. Last week we had a big Christmas party here for all the teenage girls from our church and that was really fun. My two amazing, wonderful friends came over the night before and helped me decorate my house for Christmas, which was SO sweet of them! I had been stressing out about getting my house ready for the party and they showed up ready to get to work. In two hours we had lights and garland and decorations all perfectly placed and looking beautiful. Now every time I look around my house at all the pretty lights and decorations I'm reminded of how wonderful my friends are and how they knew exactly what I needed.

I took a few pictures but it's a million times prettier in real life!

We've been so busy the past couple of weeks. We had the church party here last Wednesday and then Saturday was Shawn's work Christmas party and they had it at our favorite restaurant, so we were really excited about going to that! Tonight we're going to a friends house to have an Amazing Race finale party, which we're all excited about! I know we're a day late. Don't tell us who won. :)

I'm almost done Christmas shopping, which has been going well this year. Some years I have a really hard time figuring out what to get people, but this year it all kind of fell into place and it has been really fun picking things out.

This is the first year that Clarissa is old enough to kind of understand what's going on and that has been fun. I don't think she completely gets the whole Santa thing, but she's loving all the lights and Christmas trees and all the excitement. I asked her what she wanted Santa to bring her for Christmas and she told me Strawberry Shortcake and Hello Kitty. Santa is working on that.:)

All in all things are going pretty good around here these days. I'm still having some annoying health problems but I'm trying to stay busy and not focus on them. Having Christmas stuff to focus on helps. Next week the boys will be out of school for Christmas break and I'm looking forward to that! I love this time of the year, and all the excitement in the air!

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