Saturday, January 21, 2012

Our Year Of Adventure: Swimming

One of things that made our year of adventure list was swimming. The reason it made the list is because it's one of those things that we always intend to do and just never get around to. I actually really love to swim. I grew up near a public pool and I spent my summers there as a kid. I wish that it was the same for my kids. They don't get nearly as many opportunities to go swimming as I did as a kid. There isn't a public pool near here except the pool at the YMCA, and we always intend to take them over there but life gets busy and we never go.

Last year I signed the kids up for swimming lessons at a private home near here. The lady teaches lessons in her backyard pool and she did a really great job with the boys. They weren't very good swimmers when they started but she worked with them really hard and in a few weeks I was amazed at how far they had progressed. I think taking lessons made them realize how much they enjoy being in the water so they've been even more excited to go swimming.

So while we were in Cascade we took advantage of the pool at the hotel and we took the kids swimming twice. What we discovered is that not only do the boys like swimming, Clarissa is a little fish!! She LOVES the water. The boys were always a little timid about putting their head in the water when they were little but Clarissa has no fear of water at all. All three of the kids had a really great time and I think we're definitely going to make swimming more of a priority from now on.

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