Saturday, January 21, 2012

Our Year Of Service: Bike donation

Along with our year of adventure we decided to do a year of service. Once a month this year we're going to find one act of service to do as a family. There are so many organizations in our area that need help in one way or another and once a month we're going to pick one and do something for them.

This month we have chosen the Boise Bicycle Project. They take donations and supply refurbished bicycles to children, refugees, low-income families and the homeless. We have three bikes that have been sitting in our garage for a while that no one is using and we decided that there was no better use for them than to donate them to the Boise Bicycle Project.

So today Shawn and the boys got them out of the garage and took them over to be donated. I hope that they can go to someone who can use them and love them.

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KrisJ said...

What a neat idea!! Love all the swimming photos from the previous post! Malia is a fish too!