Friday, February 10, 2012

Our Year Of Service: Hat update!

As of today I have made 53 hats! That's a lot! Wednesday afternoon I went over to one of the local hospitals and made my first donation. I'm trying to split them up among the hospitals and I really had no idea how many this hospital wants or needed so I brought them 20. I was really nervous taking them over there for some reason but they seemed really excited and appreciative and I wished I had brought them more than 20. The nurses all came over and oohed and aahhed over them and seemed to like them. When I started making them I didn't know if I should just make them all in yellows and greens so that they could be used by either gender but the nurses seemed excited that I used gender specific colors. They said the moms always like the girly or boyish ones better than the gender neutral ones. The also liked that the hats were a bit stretchy. That seemed to be important to them.

Anyway, it was a big success (whew!) and it has made me even more excited about continuing to make them. Making hats has been a really fun project for me. If you're looking for a fun and easy service project to do for your community, I highly reccomend making some hats! :)

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Tara-Leigh said...

I think that is a great idea! When I had my three wee ones, they each got a yellow stretchy hat and my first had a HUGE cone head and the hat was too small! I would have loved to have a pink or purple hat for my girls!!!

Was it expensive to buy the loom?