Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The further adventures of the ducks!

Ok, so let's just put it out there. I'm a complete weirdo about these ducks. You know it, I know it. I'm the weirdo crazy duck lady. :)

Now that we've established that, I can tell you the latest in the duck saga.

So I've been feeding the ducks for almost a month. I started out just throwing them some bread every now and then. Then I decided that ducks need water so I started putting out a big Tupperware of water for them to drink and they were thrilled about that. Then I decided that bread really isn't healthy for ducks so I went to the feed store and bought them a bag of duck food and a dog food feeder so that I could fill it up and leave it for them and not have to refill it very often so I wouldn't disturb them. Weirdo. Crazy. Duck. Lady.

They've been hanging out on my patio for about a month and I go out every couple of days and walk around and look for eggs but there hadn't been any. A week or so ago I found out that there were duck eggs in one of my neighbors yards and I thought maybe my ducks were eating at my house and laying their cute little duckie baby eggs at the neighbors house. Rude. But no, I determined that the neighbors have different ducks.

So then yesterday my boys went out to play and came running back in the house all excited to tell me that there are two duck eggs in the yard!! But get this-they're in the stupidest possible place in the world, sitting right in the grass in lawn. Not tucked away safely in the landscaping like the other ducks did, but right in the middle of the yard where we mow the grass and run around. Bless your heart, little duck, you've got to read a book on better egg hiding. Maybe they have pamphlets at the feed store...:)

So I didn't know what to do. I don't want them to get stepped on or mowed over obviously, but if I move them the mother will probably abandon them and that would be a bummer.

We've had a handyman crew in our yard for the past week or so working on rebuilding one side of our fence and while they were at it we decided to have them do some other projects around the yard that have needed to be done for a while and they've gotten pretty familiar with the ducks and my ridiculous need to make friends with them.

So last night I e-mailed the head handyman guy and told him my predicament, mostly because I didn't want them stepping on the eggs while they were working. I asked him if maybe we could put a little picket fence around the eggs or something so that they wouldn't get mowed over. I realize that sounded silly, but I didn't see another option.

I got an e-mail back from him last night and he said that he was on it.

Then this afternoon I got an e-mail from him with these pictures OF OUR NEW DUCK HOUSE!! LOL!

Oh my goodness, do you know of anyone that needs a duck house in their yard more than me?! :) I have a duck house! The best part is that he didn't even charge me for it, I think he just knew how much I love those silly ducks and wanted to do something nice. And by the way, if you need an awesome handyman company in Boise, Alpha Team Manpower rocks! Anyone who builds me a duck house can be my new best friend for life, lol.

He hasn't dropped it off yet and I'm hoping and praying that when he does the ducks are going to be OK with it. We had to do something, the eggs aren't safe just being left alone in the yard. The mama duck isn't going to be happy when the lawn mower is out and there are kids running around the yard. This way she'll be protected as long as she goes along with it. I think I'll move their duck food over there and hopefully they'll get the picture.

So far there are two eggs in the grass. What I know from previous experience is that the mama duck lays one egg every day or two until it "feels" right to her. Usually it's between 10-12. So if she goes along with the duck house and keeps laying eggs it will be a few weeks before she's done and sitting on them full time. Right now she's still wandering around the yard with the male duck. Once she's finished laying the eggs the male duck will take off and she'll sit on the eggs pretty much around the clock until they hatch.

So cross your fingers that my ducks like their new house and she keeps laying eggs! You know how happy the weirdo crazy duck lady gets when there are baby ducks in her yard!! :)

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