Monday, April 16, 2012

Garnier BB Cream

I'm a member of, which means I occasionally get to try out products for free in exchange for honestly spreading the word about what I think of them. The more I participate the more free products they give me to try, and there's nothing I love more than free stuff, so here is my honest review of my latest freebie, Garnier BB Cream.

I was excited to try it because I've been hearing good things about BB cream online. It's basically a cross between foundation and tinted moisturizer. It's a heavy cream that moisturizes your skin and evens out your skin tone without looking like a heavy foundation.

I have dry skin and lots of freckles and uneven skin tone so I have a hard time finding makeup that works well for me. I was immediately impressed with the BB cream because it went on nicely without looking dry or flaky like foundation sometimes does. It basically feels like a thick tinted moisturizer, which seems to work well with my skin. It evened out my skin tone without looking heavy or flaky, which is what I look for in makeup. I will continue to use it! Yay for Bzzagent freebies! :)

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Joy said...

I had to rush over and tell you - a Korean restaurant opened in our small town and I tried Bibimbap today for the first time! Loved it and thought of you and your family. Cheers!