Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Life is busy around here, as usual! I'm still working on potty training Clarissa and I think we're making some progress. I definitely wouldn't call her fully potty trained, but she's doing better this week than she was last week, so we're getting there. There have been many milestones with Clarissa that I have been sad to see pass because she's our last child and I'm doing many things for the last time, but potty training is one of those milestones that I will celebrate when it is over! If I never have to potty train another child I will be perfectly happy. :)

Last week for my birthday I went to a glass fusing class with some friends. I really didn't know what glass fusing was before we went but we ended up having so much fun and I want to go back again! Glass fusing is basically melting pieces of glass together in a kiln. We were in a warehouse full of all different types and colors and sizes and shapes of glass and you cut and arrange them together and melt them to make things like plates, jewelry and other fun things. I made a plate and necklace pendant. It was a really fun way to spend my birthday!

It was such a fun creative outlet. It was really fun to create something. The possibilities were endless so it was a little overwhelming at first, but once I really got going I just wanted to keep making things! I'm hoping to go back and make something else one of these days when I have some free time. It looks like a really fun place to hang out.

This week we're working on some projects in our yard that really needed to get done. We're having the fence rebuilt on one side of our house because it was starting to fall over. Fortunately we have really great next door neighbors that we're splitting the costs with. I'm going to be really happy to have that project done and I'm excited to get our yard ready for summer.

The ducks are still hanging out in our yard but I still don't know what their egg laying plans are. I think in previous years the eggs were laid by now, or at least the female had started laying them. These ducks are just hanging out and enjoying being spoiled by me. :) They're not big fans of the new fence construction though. The male duck chased one of the construction guys this morning, lol.

So today we had something interesting happen. Shawn got offered a job opportunity in Denver, Colorado. We're not taking it, but it was interesting to think about for a minute. We weren't very seriously considering it but I did do a little research on Denver today to see what it would be like if we moved. What we decided is that it would basically be like living here. Nothing would change much except that we'd be farther away from family and friends, so it didn't make a lot of sense to take it. Shawn would be doing the same job he does here for basically the same money. Denver seems nice enough but it's not really high on my list of places I'd love to move to.

So I don't think we're going anywhere. We'd consider moving if the circumstances were right I suppose, but I don't think these were the right circumstances. It would have to be a big financial boost or be in a town we were really dying to live in or have some other benefit to it that we just couldn't pass up. So it looks like Boise is stuck with us for now. It was fun to pretend like we were moving for a few minutes anyway.

So that's pretty much all that is happening here these days. Oh, today I'm totally obsessed with the song "Somebody That I Used To Know" by Gotye for some reason. I heard it last week and it got stuck in my head and then today I found a cover of it on Youtube by Jake Coco and I'm officially obsessed. I love moody acoustic covers. If you like them too, there's a song to check out.

Ok, so that's all I have to say today, I guess. I'm going to go back to eating too much leftover Easter candy and I'm off to try to convince the ducks that it's still OK to hang out in my yard, even with the scary construction guys.Wish me luck. :)

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