Thursday, May 31, 2012

A little FYI from a Korean adoptee

I LOVE this girl. Seriously love her. Someone on Facebook shared this video and I loved it so much that I looked at some of the other videos this girl has made to learn more about her and she is just super adorable. From what I gather she was adopted from Korea and also has a non-biological sister adopted from Korea as well.

Anyway, she made this video about some of the racial stereotypes that she comes across. I love it when adult adoptees share their stories and experiences because it really helps me to understand the types of things that Clarissa will go through as she gets older, and the more I understand it the more I can help her navigate life.

So here you go, here is your Asian FYI for the day. :)

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Tia said...

That. Was. Fantastic. Going to go look her up on youtube now...