Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My house!

Every now and then when we're out driving around we drive past our old house, the one that we built in 2001. We drove by it a couple of days ago and there is a for sale sign in the yard! Today I was finally able to find the listing for it, hoping that there would be pictures of the interior so I could see what it looks like inside now and there are!

Here's the listing!

I'm wondering if the house was foreclosed on or something because the pictures are clearly of an empty staged home. You can tell that no one is living there and it looks like it has been staged with model home furniture. It also has surprising updates in it! There used to be carpet on the main floor and they've taken it all out and put in hardwood, which is unusual for this area and especially unusual for that neighborhood. It's a starter home neighborhood, there aren't many high end finishes in those houses, so it's kind of a surprising choice. It looks beautiful though.

The yard is in bad shape now though, which makes me sad. We rolled the sod in the backyard ourselves and planted all the trees and bushes in the backyard. We had the front yard professionally landscaped and it was beautiful. We were obsessive about that yard. It hasn't been taken care of very well and both of the big beautiful trees in the front yard have been replaced by little, not so pretty trees. I'm surprised that they put so much work on the inside and not on the outside.

I wish they would have shown pictures of the two kids bedrooms that are upstairs. When Josh was a baby I spent an entire day painting orange Tiggers on a dark blue wall in his bedroom. I've always wondered what happened to that Tigger wall. I'm sure it has probably been painted over now.

It makes me nostalgic looking at pictures of that house. We picked out the floorplan and all the carpet and tile and fixtures and spent months going over there every day and watching it being built. Josh was one when we moved there, and that's the house we brought Matthew home to when he was born. I have lots of good memories of that house.

One of the websites I looked at said that there is an open house on Saturday. Shawn has to work but I might go over there and take a peek at it. I've been dying to go back in it for years. I'd love to get one more look at it!

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Kristin said...

I would so go. When I lived in the same city as my parents, the house my dad grew up in was put up for the sale.

My 20 year old self was at that open house and it was cool.