Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The beauty of nature

Today on my bike ride (five miles again, yay!) I saw a bird pick up a fish out of the pond and carry it off. It was really cool! It was physically painful to me that I didn't have my camera in my hand when it happened though. All you photographers out there know what I'm talking about! I hate it when something cool happens and I don't take a picture of it! :)

Riding my bike is helping me rediscover how much I love being outside. I practically grew up outside on my bike. I spent my entire summers outside when I was a kid, and when it got cold and snowed 24 inches I put my snowsuit on and went out some more.

Somehow over the years I've become an indoor girl and that bugs me about myself. I grew up fishing and camping and hiking and riding my bike for miles and I loved it. I don't know where that girl went but I want her back. I'm happy outside, I think I just forgot that. Riding my bike everyday is helping me remember. It might just be a five mile ride to the park every morning but I hope that it's the beginning of something more as I get myself back in shape. I'm rediscovering something about myself that makes me happy and I like it.

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