Monday, June 11, 2012

My Favorite Things part 2

Today's list is kind of random. I wasn't really sure what to call it, but basically here is a random list of things that make me happy, things I enjoy or basically things that are just ME. :)

Converse sneakers! I have a pair of Converse sneakers just like the ones in the picture. Yes, they look like they belong on a 12 year old boy, lol. I know they do, but I LOVE them! I'm the least girly girl in the world. I love Converse sneakers. Clarissa has some that are bright pink. LOVE! Converse sneakers make me happy.

I just said that I wasn't a girly girl and the second item on my list is nail polish. Hmm...

I'm totally not girly except when it comes to my toes. I love girly painted toenails, the sparklier the better! I give myself a pedicure at least once a week. I have a huge case of nail polish, and all sorts of fun nail accessories to make my toenails cute. Painting my toenails is my favorite way to spend my alone time. Having brightly painted toes cheers me up when I'm having a bad day. I love to look at nail polish blogs and learn about different polish techniques and all the fun things you can do with nail polish. My toenails are SUPER girly. My fingernails on the other hand? Not girly.

Jeans!! Anyone that knows me knows how much I love jeans because if you see me on a regular basis you know that I wear them every single day except for three hours a week at church, when I'm forced to put on a dress and look girly. :)

I love jeans. I love them way too much. Last year I cleaned out my closet and got rid of stacks of them. I'm embarassed to say how many. Only my friend Karen (hi Karen!) knows the dirty secret of how many pairs of jeans I cleaned out of my closet that day, lol. No one should own that many pairs of jeans! I'm trying to do better and no buy so many. The stupid thing is that I own a billion pairs of them but most of the time I wear the same pair from Ann Taylor Loft that I bought ages ago and can't part with because they fit perfectly and Ann Taylor changed their styles and you can't buy them like that anymore. They're frayed at the bottom and REALLY need to be tossed, but I love them and I can't part with them. It's a sickness. I need a jeans hoarders anonymous program. lol

Lilac Scented Candles! When I was a kid we had a bunch of big lilac bushes along our back fence and every spring the yard smelled like lilacs. My mom would open the back door to get some fresh air and you could smell lilacs in the air. Lilacs smell like home to me. For Mothers day this year Josh used his own money and bought me a new lilac scented Yankee Candle. I love that kid and I love that my house smells like lilacs again!

I need to take back my statement about not being girly if I keep posting girly things that I love. lol

The picture on the left is not a picture of me, but I've been doing my hair exactly like that most days lately. It's called a waterfall braid, and every time I do it people comment on it and ask me how I did it. It's actually extremely easy. Go to Youtube and search for a waterfall braid tutorial if you want to know how to do it. It's way easy. I've been doing my hair like that a lot lately because my bangs are at a weird length and it keeps the hair out of my face. I think I saw the idea on Pinterest one day and decided to try it and it solved my weird bang length problem so I stuck with it. I'm getting my hair cut next week. It needs it.

I posted about Sheldon Cooper yesterday, but I love him so much that I'm posting about him again today! As I said yesterday, Sheldon is a character on the show The Big Bang Theory. I am obsessed with Sheldon Cooper. He's such a big loveable weirdo, lol. Jim Parsons is a genius.

And as long as we're talking about TV characters that I love, here's Frankie Heck from The Middle. The Middle is my other favorite TV show because I totally AM Frankie Heck. She's a frazzled mom trying to keep her kids happy and her house running and she cracks me up. I see a little too much of myself in Frankie Heck. My favorite line from the show, which I say to Shawn constantly is "We're LAZY parents, Mike!". It's become a little joke with us. If' you've never seen The Middle, you really should. Especially if you're a frazzled mom trying to keep your kids happy and your house running. :)

Do I really need to give an explanation to this one? You've all heard me talk about my love of ducks enough. Sadly my ducks are gone for the year but I'm hoping to see them back next year. My little duck friends make me happy.

Oh Steve Jobs, you were a brilliant, brilliant man. If my house is ever on fire, the first thing I'm going to rescue after my children is my iPad. To say that I love my iPad is a gross understatement. I'm slightly obsessed with it! My whole life is on my iPad, I can't function without it anymore. I schedule my whole life on it, I pay my bills with it, it's my recipe book, it's my note pad, I read books on it, I watch movies on it, I use it for 99% of my e-mail checking and web surfing...I use it for everything. I LOVE my iPad. LOVE. IT.

And finally, if I'm talking about what makes me happy, there's this guy. :) It's our 15th wedding anniversary next week! Yay! :)

Check back tomorrow for more random things I love! :)

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