Friday, June 15, 2012


Today I not only made it to the park, I made it all the way through it and then when I got back to the entrance I decided to take a victory lap and go through it again! :) I'm super proud of myself. From start to finish I rode 3.3 miles today in 24 minutes. I totally realize that three miles is nothing to brag about, but it's a mile more than I rode yesterday and 3.3 more than I rode any day last week, last month or last year, so I'm really proud of myself! :) My first goal is to work up to a 5 mile ride and then a 10 mile ride. There is a gorgeous greenbelt along the river here that I would love to take a long ride on.

The Cylemeter app keeps a GPS map of my rides and it's fun to look at where I've been when I get home. I chuckled today when I looked at the Google Satellite view. The park wasn't done when the Satellite picture was taken, so it shows that I took a big loop around around a lot of dirt and construction. Here's a picture of the park portion of my ride (not the full route from my house). The park isn't a big pit of dirt and construction anymore. Now it's 60 acres of grass and trees and ponds and beauty! I love it!

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