Saturday, July 21, 2012


Happy Wendy is back! :) I took a little detour but I pushed through it and I'm feeling better now.

AND I decided to weigh myself again this morning and I lost 1.2 pounds! After all that whining yesterday about being stuck, I'm happy to report that my weight loss is unstuck, lol. So in three weeks and one day of dieting, I have officially lost 6.6 pounds. (The ticker on the side of my blog updates automatically from MyFitnessPal and it rounds up, so it says 7, but I'm not quite at 7.)

So needless to say I was in a better mood when I set out on my bike ride today. I set out to conquer the world this morning and I had big dreams of taking a longer ride, but when I got out there it was a good 10 degrees colder than it normally is on my rides (low 60's instead of low 70's) and my muscles just wouldn't warm up! I prefer cooler weather because it feels good to me, but my legs just didn't want to move this morning. The first two miles were torture. My leg muscles hurt worse than they normally do. I stopped for my halfway park bench water break and stretched and if felt better after that, but I still decided to head home at my normal mileage. No conquering the world today. Perhaps I'll conquer it next week. :)

And speaking of next week, I'm really looking forward to it! At the beginning of the year we had big talk about taking a summer vacation. It was going to be Canada and then Washington or Oregon. We had the money set aside for it and we were just deciding where to go. Shawn even scheduled the time off work for it so that we were sure we could go.

Then we went on our little spring cabin trip. We had fun but it reminded us what vacationing with a toddler is really like, lol. I love Clarissa dearly but she can be a high maintainence child! She's three, I think most three year olds are a little high maintainence.

Anyway, we started reconsidering whether spending a lot of money on a big road trip was really going to be worth it this year. In another year I think Clarissa will be a lot easier to take on long trips and I think we'll enjoy it more.

So we decided to scrap our plans for a big vacation this year. We have our year of adventure activities to keep up busy and now that we're to the week that we had planned to go, I'm glad that we're not going. Shawn and I are doing so great on our diets and I'm on such a roll with the bike rides that I'm afraid a week of vacation would have derailed that a bit. Dieting on vacation is a huge pain and I don't want to undo all the great work we've done. We'll go next year when we're skinny. :)

But Shawn decided to take next week off anyway since it was already scheduled and we're going to have lots of fun at home. We're actually think of doing a week of adventure and picking one thing off our year of adventure list every day next week. There are several things that would be easy to knock out, like go to the zoo, go geocaching, go to the aquarium, ect. We're finally going to get the screen built for our backyard movie theater too, which has been pushed back all summer. I'm determined to get that plan in motion.

So fun things are happening next week! If you're following our year of adventure, be sure to check in next week because we'll be adventuring all over town! :)

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