Monday, July 30, 2012

Back on the bike

This morning I got up bright and early to decide if  my toe could handle a bike ride. I went back and forth about it. My toe still hurts and it's still hard to walk on it, but I literally can't stand the thought of missing one more day on my bike. I can't sit around the house forever. 

So I put my shoes on and walked around the house for a few minutes to see if I could do it. It hurt, but not super bad. I decided to go for it.

I tend to ride on the balls of my feet, which kind of pushes my toes down into my shoes a bit. I realized immediately that that wasn't going to work, so I kind of had to modify how I pedal a bit. It worked well enough, I suppose. My toe still hurt but it wasn't too bad.

The hardest part really was exerting myself after siting around for the past several days. I've been off my feet as much as possible for four days so getting out there and doing heavy exercise was harder than usual. My heart was working hard and my lungs were on fire. My asthma was worse this morning for some reason. It was a bit chilly out and cold air tends to trigger my asthma, so that may have been the problem. I had to stop and use my inhaler, which I haven't had to do in a while.

So between the asthma, the toe and the fact that my stamina was down this morning, I only went 3.5 miles. I'm going to have to work back up to it for a couple of days.

I came home and unwrapped my toe and it survived the ride just fine. The butterfly bandages are helping the skin grow back together. It doesn't look nearly as gruesome as it did a few days ago! I've never cut myself that bad before. It was pretty yucky.

Shawn went back to work this morning after his week off. I'm super bummed that my toe ended up derailing the second half of the week. We had a lot of plans that we had to abandon because I couldn't walk and that was disappointing. It was still nice having him home though.

This week I'm going to be busy getting Matthew ready to go back to school because I think school starts next Tuesday! I'm still confused as to why it's starting so early and I actually need to verify that it actually IS next Tuesday, but I'm pretty sure it is. I'm totally not ready, so I have some work to do this week. We've got to go school supply shopping and buy him some new clothes and shoes. His birthday is also coming up so I need to start thinking about that too. Then once I get him back to school I need to start getting Josh ready to go back at the end of the month. August is always a busy and expensive month!

Today I'm anxiously awaiting the swimming finals! Breeja Larson (Shawn's co-workers girlfriend) made it through the first two preliminary races and will be swimming in the 100m breaststroke final this afternoon. She's currently ranked 4th and has a good shot at a medal. We're rooting for her, I'm really excited to watch it! 

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