Friday, July 27, 2012

More nails

I've had a lot of time on my hands this morning. Of course I used it to paint my nails. I've never painted my nails black before. I used an Essie color called Licorice. It's kind of hard, actually, because it's such a dark color that every tiny mistake shows. I had to practice. I haven't been painting my nails for very long, so I'm still learning.

Harder than painting my nails black is taking a photo of my hand! I thought my right hand turned out slightly better than my left hand, so I wanted to take a picture of that one, but trying to balance my big camera with one hand, on the opposite side of the buttons so I wasn't able to make adjustments was super tricky. I wouldn't have bothered except that I'm literally that bored, lol. So the picture is kind of crappy, but you'd be impressed if you saw the contorting I had to do to get it. :) 

Anyway, here are my nails. 

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