Wednesday, July 25, 2012

nail polish and gardens!

I know, I know, two posts in one day. But I've been taking a lot of pictures lately that I've been meaning to share and if I don't do it I'll forget.

First of all, my fingernails. They're still growing nicely, which is amazing to me because seriously, you should have seen them before. Not pretty. I'm completely addicted to painting them and I especially like them with funky designs on them. I'm probably going to get acetone poisoning and die from all the nail polish removing and repainting but at least I'll die with pretty fingernails right? It keeps me entertained in the afternoons when Clarissa is taking her nap and I'm having mommy quiet time.

Here are two designs that I've done recently. I use stamping sets to make the designs. Google Konad if you want to know more, but don't buy Konad plates, buy cheaper off brands like Mash on Amazon. It's easy and fun and keeps me entertained. :)

Ok, second thing is my garden. I posted earlier in the spring that we planted a garden this year. I don't have a green thumb. I've planted several gardens in the past, none of which really produced much except frustration. But somehow this year I've done it! I planted a garden that actually grew! We've got peas and carrots and sunflowers and corn and pumpkin and strawberries and one little cherry tomato that may or may not make it. :) It's looking a little sad, lol.

I'm honestly shocked! Who knew I could plant a garden that actually produced vegetables?! Certainly not me! So here are photos of my garden. Josh and I ate peas straight out of the pod this morning. Yum! The green along the fence is grape vine. We get SO many grapes every year and pretty much every year I just leave them to the birds to eat. This year I'm hoping to get my act together and make grape juice.

Today our project has been working on the backyard movie theater project! We've been talking about this since last year and we are finally getting the screen built. We spent the morning mixing cement and cementing poles into tires. Those have set up and now we just have to put grommets in the vinyl screen, screw eye hooks in the poles to attach to the screen and assemble everything. I have taken photos of the process but I'll wait to share those until we're done.

While we were waiting for the cement to dry, Shawn was doing some yard work in the backyard and was cutting back a big bush when suddenly a swarm of hornets charged out of the bush! He got stung twice and ran into the house and a hornet followed him into the house and into the bathroom. He broke a light fixture in the bathroom trying to kill it! It was quite a commotion!

When he got himself cleaned up and calmed down he went back out there and there is a GIGANTIC hornets nest in the bush. It's huge! He is currently at Lowes buying spray to kill them. Yikes.

So there is all the excitement happening here today! I'm loving this week so much, I'm going to be really sad when Shawn has to go back to work next week. We've worked on projects, had fun adventures and we still have a few more days of fun left! I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!

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