Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Our Year Of Adventure: Go To Eagle Island

Happy 4th of July! We've had a great day!

Last night we talked about setting up the tent in the backyard and having a camp out but we eventually decided to have a family room camp out instead. We had a fun movie night and everyone slept in the family room. The kids loved it!

Shawn had the day off work today for the holiday so this morning he went with me on my bike ride. Shawn is in much better shape than me. We came home and I collapsed on the couch in a sweaty heap and he went about his morning like he had just walked to the mailbox and back. I think I realized why I prefer to do my biking solo. :)

After I recovered from my ride we packed up the cooler and headed to the lake! Going to Eagle Island was one of our Year of Adventure goals and it's one the kids have been looking forward to. Eagle Island is a recreation area not too far from our house. There is a lake, a playground and a nice sandy beach area for the kids to play. We used to go when the boys were younger but it's been a while and they've really been looking forward to going back.

I'm pretty sure the Fourth of July is the busiest day of the year there, and we knew that before we went, but we were still surprised at just how many people were there! It was PACKED! We had to park really far away and pack all of our stuff in, which was great for my exercise stats but tiring!

When we got everything set up we had a really fun picnic. Shawn and I are both tracking our calories on MyFitnessPal, and it's really hard to stick to your diet on a holiday, but I'm proud of us, because we totally did it. I usually pack lots of treats and not so healthy food when we go on a picnic but this time we were careful to stick to healthier food. We had sandwiches, chips (baked for Shawn and I), apples, carrots and popsicles for desert. Not a cookie or piece of chocolate in sight. Way to go Wendy. :)

Clarissa was absolutely DYING to finish lunch and go play in the water. She could hardly stand to stay on the blanket while we ate, we kept having to tell her to sit down and finish eating. Finally we were done and she made a mad run to the water. That kid LOVES water. I'm going to get her in swimming lessons soon. She's a little fish. When the boys were little they were mostly happy just to sit in the sand and build sand castles, but Clarissa had no interest in the sand. She wanted to be in the water every second.

All three kids had so much fun splashing and playing. We stayed for the afternoon and they wore themselves out. When everyone was hot and tired we packed up and headed home. Clarissa fell asleep in the car before we even made it down the street. She was exhausted!

Tonight Shawn is taking the boys to the fireworks in town. It's too late at night for Clarissa and I'm not much of a night owl, so we're going to stay home. We had actually planned to do fireworks in our backyard and then have smores tonight, but we decided to stretch the fun out a bit and do that tomorrow night. I like making holidays last for a few days. :)

Here are some pictures I took of the fun today. A couple of days ago Clarissa and I had a good time playing salon and I gave us patriotic toes. They looked way better a few days ago than they do today, but I had to take a picture anyway!

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