Friday, July 27, 2012


My toe is still out of commission so I'm pretty much stuck off my feet again today. Yesterday I tried to take it easy most of the day and stay off my feet and my toe did OK, and then last night my mom and stepdad stopped by to spend the night on their way through town so I was up walking around for a few hours and by bedtime the whole cut on my toe had opened back up and was bleeding again. Honestly, I'm not all that sure that it doesn't need stitches. it's really yucky.

I cleaned it up really good last night and put butterfly band aids on it to close it up and then wrapped it really well and I'm staying off of it today as much as I can. That means another day of no bike riding, I doubt I'll be able to ride for the rest of the week at least, which makes me a bit cranky.

Today is also my official weigh in day and I haven't lost any weight. Actually, I have lost weight, but I went up a pound this week for some reason and then this morning I lost the same pound I gained. I've been working really hard at the diet and exercise and it's discouraging when the scale doesn't reflect that. I feel stuck and frustrated and it's not helping that I'm stuck in the house and can't work off my frustrations on my bike ride. Sitting around all day is only going to make losing weight more difficult.

I know it will pass, I know it will be fine, I'm just a bit down today. I want to get up and move and go outside and ride my bike and being stuck in the house is making me antsy. I was looking so forward to doing a lot of fun family activities on Shawn's week off and my toe has pretty much put an end to that.

So I guess today I'll do some reading, maybe watch a movie with the kids or something and try to keep myself entertained. On the upside, if I had to be off my feet for a few days at least it happened when Shawn was home and can help out. The kids will stay entertained at least.

For now I'm off to find a book to read. Losing myself in a good book for a few hours always cheers me up!

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