Thursday, July 12, 2012


Only two more days after today till we get Josh back! I miss him, it's driving me crazy not to be able to hear about what he's doing and all the adventures he's having. I really hope he's having fun. He was a bit nervous about going, so I think that's making me nervous for him. The camp they went to is awesome though and there are a million fun activities there that I know he's going to love, so I'm sure he's having a ball. I can't wait for him to get home and tell me all about it.

I've been doing great this week getting up an hour early to ride my bike. It's actually probably a good thing that I had to do it anyway, because it's been over 100 degrees here all week and it starts getting hot pretty early in the day, so the earlier I bike the better. I hate it when it gets this hot. I've been really wanting to take evening bike rides this week, but it's just too hot. I have no heat tolerance. I'd get halfway down the street and have to come in the house for some ice cream. :)

It's been fun to be at the park an hour earlier in the morning and see all different people. I've gotten used to the park regulars I see on my regular morning ride who are walking or jogging, but it's a whole different group of people an hour earlier. I'm still usually the only one on a bike though. Most people I see in the park are walking their dogs or jogging. That's fine with me, that means I don't have to share the bike lane with anyone and watch all the good cyclists lap me. :) I just huff and puff along and do my thing. It's working for me.

The problem I ran into this morning is that the air quality is terrible here right now because of all the fires. It was hazy and I could smell it in the air when I opened the garage door. It can be dangerous for me to inhale too much of that with my asthma, in the past I would mostly try to stay indoors on bad air quality days, but I got through the bike ride OK. I just went a little slower and tried not to overdo it too much. My asthma is noticeably better since I started riding my bike. When I first started riding it bothered me a lot, now it's down to being more of a minor irritation. As long as I use my inhaler before I start I'm usually fine.

All in all it's been a pretty quiet week around here. Because it's so hot outside we've spent most of the week indoors. It's supposed to cool down just a bit next week though, so hopefully we can get back outside during the day and start doing family bike rides in the evening again. Boise is a nice place to live, but I could definitely do without 108 degrees days in July.

For now I'm going to clean my house and try to find something to keep the kids entertained for a while. Nothing too exciting around here today!

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