Friday, July 6, 2012


Well, I've officially been dieting for one week and I've lost two pounds. Yay me! :)

Last night I decided that I needed to go shopping for more cycling clothes. I have been wearing the same shirt and pants every single morning and it's a pain to keep washing them, so I really need another set I can rotate through.

Shopping for spandex pants and clingy shirts when you are unhappy with your body is torture. It's pretty much like bathing suit shopping. Shawn went with me and I think I tried on everything in the store. There are super cute cycling clothes out there. All of them looked way cute on the rack and completely ridiculous on me. I finally settled on the least hideous outfit and purchased it. It still looks terrible on me, but less terrible than everything else in the store. If it wasn't a million times more comfortable to bike in riding clothes than my regular clothes I wouldn't bother, but it really is. Every time I take a bike ride in my regular clothes I wish I had put on my cycling clothes. It's way better, I just look stupid.

So I am now the proud owner of some new fat pants and a new way too clingy shirt and I sincerely apologize to anyone who happens to be in the park every morning. I made a goal for myself last night that when I lose a certain amount of weight I'm going to go back to the cycle shop and buy myself a super cute cycling outfit. There's nothing like knowing you have to wear spandex pants in public every day to motivate weight loss! :)

And speaking of the diet, it's actually going really well. Because I can eat back my exercise calories I'm actually not finding it that hard to diet. I even had a s'more last night and managed to come in under my calorie allotment. MyFitnessPal is really awesome, it's working great for me. Shawn and I are doing it together and that has made it even more fun. I've dieted by myself before but it's way better doing it with Shawn. It sucks when you have to watch the whole family eat whatever they want while you're munching on lettuce. It sucks less when you can pass the lettuce to your spouse. :)

Ok, so now I'm off to take my bike ride. If you see me out there, shield your eyes, I'm coming at you with the fat pants. :)

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