Thursday, August 2, 2012

200 miles!

Today I finally hit 200 miles on my bike. It was funny, I finished my ride and came in the house and checked my stats and I was at 199. The mileage counter doesn't show partial miles, but I was pretty sure that I was actually less than a mile away, so hot and sweaty and tired I went back outside and hopped back on my bike and rode it down to the end of the street and back. I wasn't about to call it a day at 199, lol.

I pulled back into the driveway, checked my stats and I was officially at 200. I read in an article that Kristen Armstrong rode 500 miles a week to train for the Olympics. I did 200 in a month a half. :) So OK, I'm never going to make it to the Olympics, but I'm still proud of my 200 miles.

I've also started walking on the treadmill in the evenings. Me, who swore my hatred of all exercise equipment on this blog a few weeks ago. I still pretty much hate it, but I'm desperate to get back in shape and it feels good to exercise. I take my iPad down there and watch TV shows while I walk, so it's not so bad.

It's funny, I always heard people say that they craved exercise or that they really loved to work out and I thought those people were a big bunch of liars, lol. I've craved many things in my life (mostly of the chocolate variety) but exercise was never one of them. But now (and someone take note that I said this, because I've never said it before and may never say it again) I think I might just actually crave exercise. I kind of it. I have two theories on this. Either I have a massive brain tumor that has completely changed my personality or all the dieting and morning bike rides are turning me into one of those energetic healthy people you always read about. I had an identity crisis on the treadmill last night when I realized that I was breathing hard and sweaty and wasn't cranky about it, lol.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still overweight and incredibly out of shape, and I get sweaty and breathe hard when the treadmill is at 2.5 miles an hour, but I'm doing it! I'm making progress and no one is more amazed by it than me. :)

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