Thursday, August 9, 2012


I lost just under half a pound this morning, which means that I'm officially back on the weight loss train. Finally! I'm now down 10.6 pounds.

One more half pound loss and I'll be 11 pounds down and officially be looking at a different second number on the scale. Does that make sense? I don't really want to announce my weight (it's too depressing), but I'm at a 1?0.4. So another small loss and I'll be down to the next ten. That's actually what my weight hovered at for a long time, the 10 pounds I just lost was 10 pounds I only recently gained, so I'm really only about to hit the depressing weight that I already was before I gained the 10 pounds.  I'm SUPER glad to have lost the 10 pounds I just lost, but I'm just entering numbers I was already unhappy with, so I have a ways to go.

 I actually don't know how many pounds I intend to lose total. I'm purposely not setting a long term goal, only short term ones. I'm just focusing on exercise and better eating and whatever weight loss results from that is awesome. I know how much I'd like to eventually lose, but I'm not focusing on a final number, I'm focusing on getting healthy. The reason that attitude is working for me is because in the past I was so focused on the number on the scale that as soon as it quit moving I gave up. If weight loss was the only goal and I didn't lose weight, what was the point? 

This time I'm looking at it differently. I'm tracking my improvement in so many different areas. Do I feel better? Are my muscles stronger? Am I eating better? Can I walk faster, farther and longer? Is my asthma better? Do I have more energy? All of those things are so much more important to me than the number on the scale and I celebrate all of those victories. Those are the victories that keep me pushing through when the number on the scale doesn't move and I think that's going to be the key to my success this time around. I won't lie, I do care about the number on the scale, but I also care about being happy and healthy and if improvement in those areas is considered a success then I'm doing awesome! The weight loss will come. Maybe more slowly than I want, but it will come.

Today I did 42 minutes on the treadmill. The reason 40ish minutes is significant it's because that's how long an episode of Criminal Minds is, which is what I watch on my Ipad while I walk! My goal every day is to make it through a whole episode without stopping. I'm in season two, so I still have a lot more walking to do to get through the whole series! Criminal Minds is really good, it's s drama series about FBI profilers and how they solve crimes. It's interesting enough to keep my attention so I'm not looking at the clock every five seconds. I really have to push myself to go the whole 40ish minutes, but I'm always really proud of myself when I make it. I'm even throwing in some short periods of jogging every day now. I hope that I'm eventually jogging through a whole episode of Criminal Minds. Maybe I'll jog though the final season. :)

In other news, things are going good around here. We're not going to the cabin this weekend like we had planned. There are forest fires up there right now so we decided to give it a week for things to settle down and we're hoping to go up next weekend. But the friends that own the cabin are also the friends that just found out that they've been chosen to adopt a baby and the baby is due in a few weeks, so while I'm looking forward to a cabin weekend next weekend, I'll definitely be OK if the cabin trip is cancelled so they can go meet their new baby! I'm dying for that baby to get here!

So all in all, life is good here. I'm losing weight, feeling good, Matthew is back to school and loving it, big baby news is happening soon and we just keep on pushing forward!

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