Friday, August 17, 2012

7th grade registration

Today I took Josh over to the school to register for seventh grade. Seventh grade!!  I have a child in seventh grade. Weird. I feel like *I* just went to seventh grade a few years ago. (Newsflash, Wendy, it was in 1987).

When I started junior high (no middle school back then) we were the first seventh grade class in the new junior high they had just build. (Incidentally, we were also the first senior class in the new high school they built a few years later.) I was so excited to be starting junior high at the new school with new people. I met the girl who would become my best friend on the first day of school. My last name started with a J and hers started with an H, so the alphabetic seating chart put us together in science.

Here's what was great at junior high. My mom was the school secretary at the other junior high in the district and has access to my schedule and all my records through the shared computer system, so at the beginning of the school year she went in and assigned me a good locker and all the classes I wanted, lol.  Although on the downside she knew all my teachers, so I couldn't get away with anything.

 I don't really know why we all just took a stroll down my memory lane, but the point is, I registered Josh for seventh grade and it's making me feel old. (Although it's not making me feel nearly as old as the fact that Shawn turns 40 in a few weeks. I'm going to be married to a 40 year old. That means I'm almost 40. How is that possible when junior high was like, yesterday?)

Josh is excited about starting school. He got a crappy locker way at the very end of the hall, but he got the electives he really wanted, so he's super excited about that. He gets to take a filmmaking class, which, if you know Josh, is like the most perfect thing ever. He's been making movies since he was six. He could probably teach a middle school filmmaking class. All he could talk about all summer was how he hoped that he'd get into the filmmaking class. I don't think he cares about anything else, he just wants to get there and take that class! I'm excited for him that he got in. He's extremely creative and will do great. He also wants to get involved in yearbook this year. It's fun to watch his interests and talents develop. I'm excited for him and I hope he has a great year.

That's all the news from our house today. I'm anxious to get the school year underway!

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The Rebel said...

I hear ya! Our oldest is 20 and married.....our second child is 17 and finishing her second yr of college.....our third child is 15 (a Sophmore) and our "baby" is 13 and in 8th grade!!! The years have gone by sooooo fast!!!