Monday, August 6, 2012

Highs and lows

There have definitely been highs and lows on this weight loss/get in shape journey and at the moment  I'm at a bit of a low. I'm exercising and carefully logging every bite of food that goes into my mouth and I've gained almost two pounds this week. It's probably water weight or new muscle or something, at least that's what I keep telling myself, but it's still discouraging. 

Then I went on my bike ride this morning and I so wasn't into it. My heart was racing, my lungs were on fire and I really just wanted to go home. So I did. I did 3.5 miles and gave up. Super awesome. 

I know highs and lows like this are normal. Sometimes you lose and feel great and sometimes you don't and feel discouraged. I know that this low point will pass and the weight will start coming off again and the exercise will start getting easier. I just want it to hurry up, lol. I want to skip this part and get to the good part. 

I may give the bike a break for a couple of days and stick with the treadmill. I don't want to burn myself out on my bike. Maybe if I shake it up a bit and do something different for a few days I'll be able to go back to it with a better attitude. 

It is times like this in the past that I probably would have just given up completely. When I've dieted in the past I do great for a bit and then don't lose for a short time and just say screw it and eat cake, lol. Not this time. I'm going to keep going no matter what the scale says. I know that diet and exercise is good for my body no matter what the scale says, so I'm going to keep at it even when it gets discouraging. I'll keep logging the food and getting the exercise in. I might complain about it but I'll do it. :)

So that's where I am in my journey. I'm hanging in there, but barely. It will get better.

Tomorrow is Matthews first day of school, which I'm excited about. Tonight we get to go over to the school, meet his teacher, drop off his school supplies, figure out the bus schedule and all of that. For the past two years Matthew has had a really inconvienent bus stop that drives me crazy and I'm hoping and praying that this is the year they change it. They probably won't but I'm anxious to go over there tonight and see if by some miracle he's not going to have to cross a very busy street with no crosswalk to get to his bus stop. I've been driving him to the bus stop for two years so that he doesn't have to play Frogger with the traffic. Does that seem stupid to anyone else? We took it up with the school. They don't care. Don't get me started. 

The other thing I'm looking forward to this week is that this weekend is our cabin trip with our friends. We usually do it in June but we had to move it and this weekend it's finally here. This is the trip we do every year with the two families that we're good friends with. We all look forward to it all year. A few days in the mountains with friends is just what I need right now! 

Then next week is Matthews birthday and in a few more weeks Shawn turns 40. I will definitely have more to say about that in the coming weeks. Stay tuned. :)

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Lisalu said...

One really helpful thing I heard at my Weight Watchers meeting last week was this: think of all the people who have health problems they can't fix, or whose health prevents them from adopting a healthier, more active lifestyle. Be grateful that you have the power to be in control of your weight!

I do the same thing....lose 10/12 pounds, then decide it's too hard or restricting, or I stop losing for a couple weeks, and I give up. This time....I am just not giving up. I keep on going. I'm at 27.6 pounds and counting, and even though it's taken me seven months to get this far, I'm not going to stop!

Good luck with your goal!