Saturday, August 11, 2012

Safari Nails

My Rainbow Fish nails were appropriate for our trip to the aquarium this morning (see post below), but when we got home from the aquarium I decided to try something different.

I actually started with a whole different plan. I came across a blog yesterday ( that has some really cool tutorials for stripes and zigzags done with tape. She made it look really easy, but it wasn't, lol. I made a mess and gave up. I'm going to keep practicing, but in the meantime I decided to go a whole different direction and I ended up with what I call my safari nails. It's a bit zebra stripe/camouflage-ish. Maybe camouflage zebra would have been a better name for this creation!

I wasn't sure about it as I was doing it but I got it all done and I love it. It's totally me. I used China Glaze Elephant walk again for the main color. It's one of my new favorite colors for my nails. I might even keep this one on for longer than 24 hours! :)

This is one case where I think it actually looks better in person than in the pictures. I sometime use a magnifying filter on my camera to get a good closeup but sometimes so much magnification isn't a good thing. You can see every tiny flaw that isn't so glaringly obvious when you're looking at the actual nails! Anyway, I like it. It feels like me. I think safari nails are a keeper. :)

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