Saturday, August 25, 2012


Fifty minutes on the treadmill this morning and I lost another .6, for a total loss of 13.8. 

Yesterday afternoon I tried the Kettlebell and it was super hillarious and sad, lol. I followed along with an instructional video, or at least I tried. The first part of the video was simply a demonstration of the different moves. They showed how to swing it between your legs, lift it up in the air with one arm, swing it up to your shoulder, etc. I followed along with the demonstration as best I could. By the end I was sweaty and tired. 

And then she announced that it was time to actually do the workout. Uhhh...I'm pretty sure I just did. See the sweat and the heavy breathing? Workout complete, see you tomorrow. 

So yes, I managed to get through the instructional portion of the video and gave up before the workout actually started. Go me. :) It's OK though. Remember the first day I rode my bike and couldn't make it all the way to the park? The first day I tried the treadmill I thought I was going to have to call 911, lol. The fact that I couldn't make it past the demonstration portion of the kettlebell video sounds about right. Watch me swing that Kettlebell like a pro in a few weeks. 

Remember my friend and hew new baby boy? I got to talk to her on the phone for a few minutes yesterday! The birth mother lives several hours from here, so they've traveled there to get the baby. I've seen two super cute pictures of him and I got to hear the details on the phone yesterday. Everything is going great and they may even be coming home with him today. That's super fast! I'm dying to see him in person! 

Today Shawn has to work so we don't have a lot going on around here. It has finally stopped being 100 degrees every day around here so maybe we'll go play in the yard for a while. I'm also itching to repaint my nails today. Photos to come, of course. :)

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