Monday, August 6, 2012


Tonight our good friends came over to announce that after an extremely long wait, they have been chosen by a birth mother and are expecting a baby boy in a few weeks. I'm laying here trying to go to bed but I'm literally so excited for them that I can't settle down and go to sleep! My heart has broken for them the past several years, watching them struggle with infertility and then struggle to adopt. They're the most amazing people and deserve amazing things and they've had a lot of disappointment over the past few years. The birth mother who has chosen them sounds amazing and I think they're finally in for some much deserved joy in their lives. I couldn't be more thrilled for them! I'm blogging about it to resist the urge to call her one the phone right now and squeal like a little kid, lol. The baby is due the first part of September, so I'm excited to help plan a baby shower and help her get ready for their new addition. 

This evening we went over to Matthews school to meet his teacher and get the bus info. The teacher seems great, the bus stop still sucks. Bleh. Tomorrow I will be taking the annual first day of school photos! I'll post them after I get Matthew off to school. Lots of exciting things happening these days!

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