Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I stood on the scale this morning and I've lost a whole pound since yesterday! I've now lost exactly 18 pounds. Woohoo!

I'm pretty sure that the running I've been doing on the treadmill is making a difference in the weight loss. In the past I was losing weight really gradually, usually seeing .2 losses at a time. Now this is the second time since I've started running that I've seen an overnight one pound loss. And if you want the truth I haven't been doing so fantastic on the diet for the past week. I'm back on track now, but I had a few cheat days over the past week and didn't do so great over the weekend. So diet wise I'm struggling a bit but I'm really hanging in there with the running. Based on that I have to attribute the weight loss to the running.

I'm glad to see that because it will keep me motivated to keep running. It's kicking my behind and I'm struggling to enjoy it at the moment but I'm really determined to stick with it. Monday, Wednesday and Friday I do C25K and Tuesday and Thursday I do HIIT. Both of those programs are pushing me to the limits. Running is really hard for me and I know if I stick with it it's going to get easier but the progress has been slow and it gets frustrating. I can't run very long before I get winded and have to stop to catch my breath. After 20 minutes of alternating running and walking I pretty much feel like it's going to kill me. I have to reminding myself that I can run longer than I could when I started and that's proof that I'm getting somewhere but it's still a struggle.

The weight loss helps though. It's the reward I get for not giving up. Yesterday I wanted to swear off running forever but this morning I stood on the scale and saw a happy number and now I'm prepared to tackle running for another day.

I can do this! :)

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