Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hair today, gone tomorrow?

Ok, today I need your help! I'm thinking of cutting my hair and I keep going back and forth so I my blog friends to help me make up my mind!

So you know how I've been going through this whole transformation thing, right? I grew out my nails, lost weight, I bought new clothes (I didn't mention that part, but I'm buying new clothes for my new self. I'll blog about it later), I learned to love exercise...I feel like I whole different person lately.

So the last part of me that hasn't changed is my hair. I'm a bit particular about my hair. That's an understatement, lol. I'm SUPER particular about my hair. But it's been the same for a long time, I'm kind of bored of it and this is a perfect time for a change.

So I was on Pinterest the other day (I think a lot of really bad ideas started with the phrase "So I was on Pinterest the other day) and I found this girl:

I have no idea who this girl is, we'll just call her Pinterest girl. She is SUPER adorable and I am completely in love with her hair. I wouldn't necessarily go red, but the cut is beyond cute on her. 

So ignore the color and focus on her haircut. It is drastically shorter than my current hair and I am a bit attached to my hair. BUT, that hair belongs to the old Wendy, and the new Wendy needs new hair, right?! That hair is super adorable on her. Would it be super adorable on me? Can I pull it off? Will I cry when my stylist chops off that much hair? (The answer to that question is yes, by the way). 

I've been staring at this picture daily for two weeks. My hair appointment is in two days. I can't make up my mind! I've been going to the same hair stylist for 12 years and I totally trust her with my hair. I've already shown her the photo and she's all for it. 

Ok, so this is where you come in. I'm taking a vote! I can't make up my mind, so someone else is going to have to do it for me. I've added a dislike button to the bottom of my post. If you think I should do it, click the like button, if not, click the dislike button, or leave me a comment and state your case. I'm also open to other suggestions if you know of a hairstyle cuter than what Pinterest girl is sporting. (Pinterest girl has no idea that we're voting on her hair. Pinterest girl, if you're out there and find this blog, I hope you don't mind!) 

Ok, so I'm on my way to pick up Clarissa from preschool. Let the voting begin. :) 


Myrna said...

Can I vote more than once? I LOVE it! Be brave - hair grows back.

Caren Drink said...

I think it would look fabulous on you! I have the same ultra thick hair and wore it very similar to yours for years, but cut it similar to the pinterest hairstyle (which I had previously pinned BTW)last summer and I haven't regretted it once. Remember, every hair on the floor is a hair you don't have to wash or style! If you don't like it (you will!) it will grow back. Go for it!

Sara L said...

I vote yes - if your stylist says she can do it and will great with your hair texture - super cute!

shelly said...

Definitely go for it-it's so liberating!

Unknown said...

I say go for it. It's cute and I think it would look great. Plus if you hate it wil grow back.

Unknown said...
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