Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mom brag alert!

I try not to brag about my kids too often because I know that's obnoxious, but sometimes I can't help myself because I have awesome kids! :)

So today you'll have to forgive me while I talk up Josh for a minute. I'm just proud and I like to write these things down so that I remember them and that they know how proud I am.

I think I mentioned before that Josh is taking a filmmaking class this year at school. Josh is amazing with computers. He has been since he was super little. I'm a big computer geek so I taught him how to use a computer when he was barely three.

One thing he has always especially loved is making movies. He's been filming movies with his digital camera and editing them into awesome creations for years. Every year for Christmas he asks for more DVD-R's and DVD cases because he goes through so many of them with his movies. He's probably got hundreds of them.

Anyway, this year he has the option of taking a filmmaking class as an elective. It fills up fast and not everyone can take it so he spent all summer waiting impatiently to get his class schedule to see if he'd get into the class. He did and he was thrilled.

Since school started that filmmaking class is all he can talk about. Every day when he gets home from school the first thing I say is "how was filmmaking?" because I know that's what he's going to want to talk about first!

His filmmaking teacher realized as soon as school started that this is something he has a talent for, so she has put him to work on special projects. He has gotten to help make videos for the school video announcements, which he has been really proud of. Having the whole school see something that he helped create has been something he's been really proud of.

Anyway, this afternoon his teacher called me and after going on about how great he's doing she said that she has another project for him. Last year she got some grant money from the state to try out some new filmmaking software and Monday night she gets to present what she has done with the grant money. I'm not completely clear on the details, but that's the gist of it.

So because Josh loves filmmaking so much and is so good at what she's trying to present, she called to ask me if he could stay after school tomorrow and work on the presentation and then go Monday night and help her present it! (In case that sounds creepy, its not. He'll be working on the presentation in the office during parent teacher conferences and then we'll take him to the presentation on Monday. It's not weird one on one time with the teacher or anything.)

He is SO excited about being asked to do it am I'm really proud of him for wanting to do it. Most kids would hate the idea of staying after school for extra work and then spending a Monday evening at a presentation with adults, but he is thrilled about it! I'm proud of his talent. He struggles with self esteem at times, like every 12 year old does, and being recognized for something he loves so much is big for him. I've seen him grow in leaps and bounds this year as he's gotten to share his talent at school. He's found something he is passionate about and he's good at it and that makes me happy for him.

So there is my mom brag. My favorite thing about being a mom is watching my kids grow and learn and develop their talents and do things that make them proud of themselves. When they're excited about something I get excited for them! I love to celebrate their accomplishments. I have amazing kids and I'm so grateful that I get to be their mom.

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