Monday, October 22, 2012

Taylor Swift and treadmills

I did an extra long workout on the treadmill this morning, thanks to Taylor Swift. Her new album came out today and I like her more than any 37 year old woman really should, lol. I've been impatiently waiting for her new album for weeks and I actually stayed up last night to get it as soon as it hit midnight and iTunes had it up. I know, I know. I'm am officially the biggest nerd you know. I'm OK with that. :)

Anyway, I didn't get to listen to it long enough last night so I was excited to listen to it this morning. I got Matthew off to school, got Clarissa settled and jumped on the treadmill with my iPod. I walked and ran and listened and had a super nerdy Taylor Swift morning on the treadmill. It kind of rocked, I don't care how lame that makes me!

In case you were just dying for my Taylor Swift album review (I know, you weren't) it's awesome and my favorite song is All Too Well. It's beautiful.

So thank you Taylor Swift for helping me burn off some extra calories this morning. :)

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Beckest of the BECKS said...

You just made Tasha's day.....She will be downloading it once she is done with her chores ;)