Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Still alive!

It has been brought to my attention that someone actually noticed that I've been a huge blog slacker lately (hi, Lindsey!!:)), so I'm here to make it right and get back to posting.

I've been meaning to post, but I just...haven't. It's winter, I have the blah's. That's a poor excuse. :)

When I last left you, I was on my way to teach a nail care class and I promised to update you. The update is the the class was super awesome and I loved it! Playing nail salon with 12 year old girls is kind of awesome. They had fun, I had fun, a good time was had by all.

Thanksgiving was nice, but very low key. We didn't go out of town this year like we normally do, we just hung out at home. We decided to do Thanksgiving our way this year so I made ham and cheesy potatoes instead of turkey, because we all like ham better. We watched movies, I did some online Christmas shopping and we had some fun family bonding time for a few days. Sometimes it's nice just to hang out at home with nothing to do for a few days. We all enjoyed the break.

But now school is back in session, Shawn has gone back to work and life is moving full steam ahead again. I do pretty much all my Christmas shopping online, so and I have had a close relationship for the past week. I've pretty much got all the kids shopping done, which is nice, since it's not even December yet. My kids are fairly easy to shop for. The only problem with getting all the Christmas shopping done in November is that now I have a lot of exciting secrets that I have to keep for a month! I love gift giving, but I have no patience. I want to just hand out all the presents right this minute.

In diet and exercise news, I officially suck. My diet isn't super awesome and I've stopped running for the time being. I think there is something wrong with my left achilles tendon and I have a doctors appointment on the 11th. I have had a little lump on that tendon for years, which occasionally hurts a little bit, but ever since I've started running it's gotten worse. I'm pretty sure it's just tendonitis and hopefully there is an easy fix for it, but lately it's been really painful to walk at times, so much that I'm having a hard time getting up and down stairs at times, and I live in a three story house, so that's a bummer. So I'm giving my foot a break until I can get into the doctor and maybe he can tell me what to do about it.

So I really have nothing to report on that topic. I'm not giving up, I'm just taking a break for now while I get through the holidays and get my foot looked at. I fully intend to start back up. I know, that's what they all say. :)

Oh, sort of on the topic of exercise (well, not really), we're working on our guest room/workout room renovation project! So you've heard me talk about the guest room before. We live in a six bedroom house and we have a room down in the basement that is just an extra catchall bedroom. For years it just had a Aerobed in it for occasional guests (we almost never have guests) and then eventually we put a real bed in there with no headboard or anything and then eventually we added a headboard and there is some assorted old crappy furniture in there and that's also where we keep the exercise stuff. For years it was the least used room in the house. It's where we store stuff that we don't know what else to do with.

Then I started exercising down there and spending a lot more time down there and sometimes when I exercise I get bored and start coming up with big ideas. I've decorated that room in my head a million times! We put a flatscreen TV on the wall a last month for exercising purposes and once we did that our big ideas just took off. Suddenly that room seems like it has all sorts of potential to me and Shawn! He jokingly dubbed it the Monte Carlo Suite and now we've decided to turn it into our own little hotel getaway room. You know, the place you go when you really wish you could go on vacation but you have three rowdy kids and no vacation budget. So I found a screaming deal on some fancy hotel-like bedding for the bed that I'm completely in love with and we're picking out paint colors to hopefully get it painted in the next few weeks. I have two nightstands out in the garage that I've been meaning to paint that will go in there when I get them finished and I'm working on designing some artwork for the walls using my own photography and my vinyl cutter.

And the best part that I'm super excited about, is that I found an electric fireplace on Amazon during one of their Black Friday deals. It's one of those with a wood mantel that looks like a real fireplace but it just plugs into the wall. It's a small one, not super fancy, but perfect for the room. It's due to arrive tomorrow and I'm way excited about it. When the room is done it will have a fireplace and a flatscreen TV and swanky bedding and fun artwork. The perfect place when we need a break and want to pretend like we've gone on vacation. Yay! It's just the project I needed to cure my winter blahs. I will post photos when we're all done.

So that's what's happening around here these days. We're getting ready for Christmas and opening up a private one room hotel in the basement. :) There's always something crazy going on around here! :)


shelly said...

I noticed you were gone also, but figured things were just busy. It's busy around here too!

On the achilles front, my husband runs a lot and had an achilles problem earlier this year. The regular doc wanted to put him in a "boot" (immobilized) for 6-8 weeks. He went to see a physical therapist instead and she had him walking (and running) that same day with less pain.

I don't what your stance on pt is, but I just wanted to pass along his experience :).

Unknown said...

can't wait to see the hotel suite, sounds fab!!

Author said...

I had so thought about posting on the bh board that I missed you. I have been multiple times looking for a new post.

Author said...

I had so thought about posting on the bh board that I missed you. I have been multiple times looking for a new post.