Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sick. :(

Remember in my last post when I said that Clarissa was sick and hoped we didn't all get it? No such luck. Josh and Matthew both got it last week and spent a couple of days at home and now I have it.

When the kids get sick they bounce back from it fairly quickly. It seems like when I get sick it goes on forever. I had a sore throat for a few days and this weekend I have almost lost my voice completely. This evening my voice is coming back a bit but I can feel the fever starting. My skin hurts.

So I'm laying around doing a whole lot of nothing and hoping that this doesn't turn into the full blown nasty flu that I had in 2011, because this is exactly how that flu started and it was awful.

Bleh. So our reading club has still been on hold a bit. Everyone is still reading on their own but we haven't been doing our reading nights with everyone not feeling well.

I am excited to report that Matthew is in the middle of the final Harry Potter book! I'm so excited for him to finish the series. He's been working on it off and on for several months. He had taken a break for a while but this Year of the Books project has reignited his excitement for it and he has been cruising through the last two books. He's been staying up late at night reading, which I partly get mad at him for and partly get super excited about, lol. He can't stay up late every night, he needs his sleep. But I'm SO excited to see my kids get so into reading that they can't put the book down at night. I love it when I'm that engrossed in a book and I'm thrilled to see them catching on to that same thirst for reading. So on the outside I'm telling him to put the book down and go to bed but I'm doing a happy dance on the inside. :)

And I especially love that I can discuss books with them. When they were little I used to say that I couldn't wait until they were old enough to share my favorite books with them and now that we're here I'm thrilled about it. I've been having Harry Potter discussions with Matthew and the rule in this house is that when you finish the last Harry Potter book you get to have a special movie night just with mom by yourself and watch the final Harry Potter movie, which I won't allow them to watch until they finish the book. I'm hoping Matthew and I are going to be having our Harry Potter movie date soon! :)

I've also been having discussions with Josh about the Hiding Place, which I'm SUPER thrilled about! I'm so excited that he's finally old enough to read my favorite book of all time. He's about halfway done with it and along the way we've been having great discussions about WWII history, which I'm loving. As much as I always jokingly complain about my kids growing up too fast, I have to admit, I love having big kids that I can share more grown up things with. I love that Josh is old enough to discuss things like books and music and current events. We have some great discussions.

Now I can't wait until Clarissa is old enough to share all the girly books I loved as a kid that the boys wouldn't be interested in. We still have a few more years before that is going to happen!

So the book reading is going great. Honestly, at the moment I'm the only one slacking. The past couple of weeks have been busy and I'm getting behind. If I end up being sick this week I might have a lot of time to lay on the couch and catch up, I guess.

For now I'm going back to sitting here and trying to will my body not to get the flu. That's possible, right. :) Darn you, January. It figures we'd get sick in January. Is it February yet?!

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