Sunday, February 24, 2013

20 years

This summer is my 20 year high school reunion. It blows my mind that 20 years has gone by. It still feels like yesterday to me.

The reunion committee set up a page on Facebook for our classmates to discuss reunion plans and reminisce about the good old days. I'm having so much fun hearing everyone's memories and seeing old pictures. I'm so nostalgic for that sort of thing. Tonight I decided to dig through my footlocker to see what mementos I could come up with to share on the page. I have saved some really random things from high school. Mostly photos, but also yearbooks, a few silly love notes from an old boyfriend, dance pictures, etc. The thing I entertained myself with this evening was my day planner.

I carried a day planner with me everywhere my senior year. Back before the days of blogs I was still a record keeper. I wrote everything down in my planner and I kept a pretty detailed journal that year too. Of all the years of my life (pre-blog!) I think my senior year is the most well documented. It's fun every now and then to go back and read what I wrote. My day planner has all sorts of little notes that I jotted down, some of which are meaningless to me now because I have no idea what they referred to, and some which are really amusing to me now. I'm glad I kept that little memento of my senior year. It's fun to go back and look at it. Apparently I was really busy that year because the days are pretty packed! 

I took a photo of the February 1993 page of my day planner. Here's what I was doing 20 years ago this month. 

I was on the dance committee for the Valentine's Day dance so there are notes reminding me to call about balloons and supplies. I wore the most ridiculous poofy red formal dress to that dance, lol. I rented it from a dress shop and someone else showed up wearing the same dress that night. I remember trying not to stand to close to my dress twin all night. 

It looks like February 22nd was my nine month anniversary with my boyfriend. Remember when you were in high school and anniversaries were measured in months? This month is my 188 month anniversary with Shawn, by the way, lol. I just figured that out. I hope he sends me flowers. 

It looks like I jotted down reminders to send letters to a few friends who were in college and on missions for our church. I was a big letter writer back then. I used to send ridiculously long letters to friends who were away. I had a big plastic Tupperware tub that was full of stationery and colored pens and stickers and other obnoxious letter writing supplies. If you got a letter from me back then it was likely ridiculously decorated with several colors of ink and glittery stickers and it was most likely several pages long full of me rambling on about absolutely nothing. Much like my blog is today, lol. Nothing much has changed there. 

So I had a good time going through my planner tonight. I remembered several fun events from my senior year and I looked a lot of funny photos that are still stuck in the front of it that made me laugh. We all looked so young back then. Thanks to Facebook I have kept up with a lot of high school friends and I love seeing recent photos and hearing about what everyone is up to now. Most of my closest friends in high school were older than me and not in my class or went to different schools but I was friendly with a lot of people from my class and I'm looking forward to the reunion this summer!

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