Monday, February 4, 2013

Happy Birthday Clarissa!!

Guess who's four! We've had a fun day celebrating Clarissa's birthday today. This morning we opened presents (lots of My Little Pony!) and then this afternoon I did a photo shoot with her.

I decided for fun I would attempt to curl her hair for the pictures. I've never curled her hair before. I wasn't even sure if her perfectly straight and silky Asian hair would curl. We gave it a try though and it was super easy and turned out so cute! Clarissa took one look at it and declared it princess hair, so I'd say it was a success. :)

Tonight we're going to eat Clarissa's favorite meal (spaghetti) and then eat chocolate cake with pink on it, which was Clarissa's request. Our cake lady made a cute My Little Pony Cake, which Clarissa hasn't seen yet but will go nuts for.

We normally do a fun activity for the birthday kids big day, but we're still battling the sickness so it's on hold for now. Everyone is better except Matthew, who still had a fever all weekend. He stayed home from school today but seems to be better this evening, so hopefully after this we will be sickness free. We might have to do a fun activity later this week.

I can't mention Clarissa's birthday without mentioning her birth mother, who is on my mind today. I know that today is probably a hard day for her. I pray for her and I hope that she has found peace. I'm so grateful for her sacrifice and I wish I could give her a hug today. I wish that she could see what an amazing person her daughter is growing into.

So now I'm going to go give my sweet birthday girl and extra squeeze for her birth mother and ten extra squeezes just because she's so cute. :) I love that kid.


Unknown said...

Happy birthday!
She's so pretty with the curly hair :)

Author said...

Love her hair! Happy Birthday Clarissa!!