Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Another carpet update

Whew, I'm busy today! I've been all over town this morning working on this remodeling project.

OK. So here is the latest. We're still waiting on the big carpet sample to get here so I can make my final decision on carpet (I'm crossing my fingers that it comes today) but I have looked at the small sample enough now that I'm pretty confident that I'm happy with it and I doubt I'm going to change my mind. The small sample is just a few inches big, it's on one of those sample boards with a bunch of other colors. What I'm trying to get is one of those carpet rectangles, you know, like the standard size carpet samples you see in carpet stores. This particular carpet is new though and no one has the big samples yet, just the board with the little samples of the whole collection. The manufacturer called me on Friday to tell me they were sending it straight to my house and I expect it any time now. I can tell from the small sample that I like it, I'm just too nervous about making a very expensive and permanent change to the majority of my house without seeing something bigger first to make absolutely sure. I don't want to be surprised when they install it! I'm pretty confident that I like it though. The order is ready to be placed, they're just waiting on me for the final go-ahead.

Another change that we're making in the process is to the upstairs kids bathroom. That bathroom is a two part bathroom. There is a room with two long sinks and then a door to a seperate room where the bathtub and toilet are. The part with the sinks is currently carpeted and the part with the bathtub has vinyl. I like the look of it that way, but the carpeted sink area just isn't working for us. I hate having carpet where the kids brush their teeth and use water. I'm always scrubbing toothpaste out of the carpet and it just gets gross in there. I don't really want to recarpet that area and scrub toothpaste out of the new carpet. So we're taking the carpet out and putting new vinyl down in both parts of the bathroom. I think I'm going to miss the look of carpet in there a little, but this is going to be a lot more practical and easier to keep clean.

So this morning I was at the carpet store picking out vinyl. There are a zillion different vinyl choices. Yikes. But I think I found one that will work I'm trying not to second guess it too much.

And then yesterday while I was pondering all these changes, I had another crazy idea. I want to repaint the formal dining room. We have a big formal dining room that is currently painted red and brown. Red dining rooms were the thing back when I chose that color seven years ago, but now I'm super bored with it and now is the perfect time to change it. So this morning I was at Lowes picking up some paint samples. I think I'm going to go with a sagey green. It will really lighten it up in there and I think it will look nice. So picking the perfect green is my project of the day.

Decisions decisions!

Baring any unforeseen circumstances (PLEASE let there be no unforeseen circumstances) we are scheduled to have the recarpeting done on March 25-26, which is the Monday after next. I need to get Josh's room and the dining room painted before then and we have to get all the furniture moved and all of that, which is going to be a big project.

So we're going to be busy for the next couple of weeks! I'm dreading the mess but I am so excited to get this all done! It's going to feel like a whole new house when we're finished!

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AuraLee said...

If you shared your colors/ideas, we'd love to give opinions!! :)

Good Luck with it all!!