Saturday, March 16, 2013

Big news!

So you all know that Josh is into filmmaking, right? It's kind of his thing. A few weeks ago he and a  friend saw thing about a film making competition for Zions bank. They had to make a 60 second commercial basically about saving money. His friend was getting ready to go on vacation to Hawaii for spring break so they made a little video about saving money to take a vacation. Josh filmed it and his friend edited it (the end of it was even hastily edited in Hawaii by his friend on his vacation so that they could get it submitted in time) and today he found out that it has been selected as a finalist!

This is a huge deal to Josh. He's SO excited! Public voting starts Monday and normally I would not do this, but Monday I will be putting up a link to vote for him. I reserve the right to be a little obnoxious about it for two weeks while voting is going on and then I will shut up, I swear. :) He entered another video competition a few months ago that didn't make the finals and he was so disappointed, so seeing his excitement this morning when he found out he made the finals in this one was pretty awesome.

Ok, so with that said, now we're off to start the painting project. We've got a busy day ahead of us!

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Aly said...

That is awesome!!! Congratulations to Josh and his friend!