Friday, March 8, 2013

Carpet update #2

Carpet company #2 officially rocks. In fact, they almost rock too much and here is why.

I mentioned that we've all been sick. People have been puking and coughing and sneezing and whining over here for over a week now, and now that the rest of them are getting over it, I'm sick.

So I don't know about the rest of you, but around here when the whole family is sick and then I get sick, the house sort of falls apart. I am embarrassed to admit that my house is looks like a hurricane blew through and at the moment I don't feel well enough to do a whole lot about it. I didn't even get dressed today.

So with that in mind, there I was at 3pm laying on the couch in my pajamas in a Benadryl induced haze, clutching a box of tissues and coughing up a lung when my phone rang. It was the super nice lady from carpet company #2 letting me know that she's totally on the ball and sending a guy over in 10 minutes to measure my house for carpet.

I LOVE this new carpet lady. She's getting stuff done. She knows we've been waiting on this for a month now and she's not making us wait any longer. She's totally on it.

But there I was, in my pajamas, with my house looking like a bomb went off, on the phone going " want to come over now? Like today? Uh....well...I've kind of been sick and my house isn't really perfect at the moment..."

She assured me that the measuring guy wouldn't care. She said that if it made me feel better, the other day they were cleaning up some sort of damage in someone's home and replacing the flooring and that house had poop all over the floor. Ok, well, at least we're doing better than that over here. There might be laundry and toys scattered all over my living room and dishes piled in my sink but I promise there is no poop on the premises.

So in my Benadryl induced haze I got dressed and started shoving things in closets (hey brainiac, the closets are carpeted and need to be measured) and making beds and gathering up laundry and trying to at least regain some sort of semblance of order in my house.

It was far from perfect but the guy came over and measured my floors and if he judged my messy house at least he didn't say anything. He should have seen it 10 minutes before he arrived, lol.

So there is the story of how the new carpet lady is getting it done. I appreciate her speediness. I wish it had happened on a day that my house didn't look like a war zone. But at least there wasn't poop on the floor. At least there's that.

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