Thursday, March 21, 2013


This is what part of my bedroom looks like today. That's most of Josh and Matthew's rooms shoved into our bedroom. Their dressers are still in their rooms so that they can find clothes to wear. Clarissa's room hasn't been moved yet. Fortunately our master bedroom is huge and can accommodate multiple bedrooms worth of furniture being crammed in there because otherwise everything would have to go down the stairs and that would really suck. They're going carpet the kids bedrooms and part of the main floor on the first day and then we'll move everything back across the hall, including the master bedroom furniture, and then they'll come back and recarpet our bedroom and the rest of the main floor the second day. Now that the furniture has been moved out of the boys rooms we can wash walls, clean baseboards and clean out their closets so that everything is nice and neat and feels like new when the furniture goes back in. 

This better be the greatest carpet ever because I'm not recarpeting my house again for a looooong time.  

Also, vote for Josh! :)

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