Monday, March 25, 2013

Day one complete!

The carpet looks great!! I worried so much about the color I chose and it was all worry for nothing. It looks really great and matches our house nicely. They got everything done except the master bedroom, so they're going to come back first thing in the morning and finish it. The new carpet feels so soft and nice. I just really didn't realize how bad that old carpet was. I had kind of gotten used to looking at it, I guess. But the new stuff feels great and looks nice and it feels like a brand new house!

Now we have the big job of moving everything back. We've been trying to clean and organize as we've gone along and a few of the rooms have been bigger projects than we thought they would be. There is some stuff, especially from the den, that still needs to be gone through because I don't want to move anything back in that doesn't need to be there. It's feeling good to purge some unwanted junk and deep clean everything.

Josh is really anxious to get his room back together because we're finally going to put the new bedding on and hang up all the decor we bought for his new teenage room. We're going to work on that tomorrow.

I wanted to take pictures this afternoon but at the moment my camera is in my bedroom behind a wall of furniture. I'll get it unburied tonight and take photos tomorrow. I can't wait to share all the changes!

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