Wednesday, March 27, 2013


The next time we decided to recarpet I think we're just going to move. It feels like we moved anyway!

We're making some headway on the house projects but not as fast as I had hoped. I need Shawn's help to put the furniture back together and every night after work we keep ending up at Lowes for supplies, at the furniture store picking out end tables or Bed Bath and Beyond picking out curtains. We start on a room and then say "you know what we really ought to do..." and then we're off to the store.

Tonight it was curtains. We took two trips to Bed Bath and Beyond and ended up with really pretty curtains for the dining room. We also went to Lowes for touch up paint to touch up a few spots in the bedrooms before we put the furniture back.

This might be the biggest pain in the neck project ever, but I'm loving all the changes and updates and cleaning and touch ups we've been able to do. Having to move all the furniture out of all the rooms has inspired us to do all the little projects that we've been meaning to do now that the rooms are empty. So it's slow going but as we put stuff back everything feels clean and new. It's amazing what new paint and carpet and curtains can do for a room!

Shawn is off work on Friday so our plan is to finish getting everything put back together and get everyone's bedrooms back in order then. By Sunday I'm hoping that the house is all back to normal and we can enjoy Easter and not have to think about any more projects!! I'm all projected out.

Also, there is only a few days left to vote for Josh in the video competition! I know that everyone on my blog and on Facebook and on every message board I post on is sick and tired of hearing about voting. I know I'm a broken record! I swear after Sunday you'll never have to hear about it again, lol. This contest has been a pretty big deal to Josh. Being up against high school students he really didn't think he had a chance, so I've been working hard to help him out. Winning would be huge for him. So if you could mosey on over and vote for him, it would make him super happy!

So if you're super sick of blog posts about carpet and contest voting, good news! Both of those things will be over by Sunday and next week I'll come up with something new and exciting to talk about. Or maybe it will be something else boring. You'll have to stick around to see. :)

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