Wednesday, March 13, 2013

It's official

The carpet sample came today (finally!) and the carpet has officially been ordered. I'm super nervous but I think I made a good choice. I hope! I'm mostly nervous because the new carpet is a lot darker then the old carpet. I want it darker because I think with kids it's more practical, I'm just super nervous because it's a big change and change is scary! Especially really expensive change that can't be reversed and I have to look at every day.

I need to stop second guessing myself and just go with it. Anything is better than the ratty old carpet that is currently in this house, right? It's time for a change, I'm excited to give the house a new look and it's too late to change my mind now, so I guess we're doing it! Eeek!


LeAnne said...

When my brother and his wife bought their new house, they had the carpet replaced before they moved in. When they saw it for the first time installed, they were a little freaked out and Oh My Goodness! What have we done?! They, like you, picked out a beige that was darker than what was in the bedrooms originally (for the same reasons as yours). Once they lived with it for a day or two and got all the furniture moved back in, they really do like it. The darker color just really threw them at first, even though they were the ones who had picked it out. I think it's actually similar to the color you're installing so I just wanted to warn you--the first impression my make you freak out, but I'm sure it will look great! My brother's house does and I honestly don't notice that it's darker than what you normally see in houses (you know--builder's beige). But my sister in law loves that it doesn't show dirt as much since they have two very active boys. Good luck!

Wendy said...

That definitely makes me feel better, thank you!! :)