Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New nail case!

First of all, did you vote for Josh today?! :)

Second, I know that some of you liked my nail posts so I thought I'd update you on something. Part of our whole remodeling project has been doing some reorganizing. When I originally started buying nail polish I bought a cute craft bag to put them in. That worked great for a while. It has pockets where I could store files and q-tips and all my little nail art supplies.

Then I started buying more nail polish and more nail polish and it no longer fit in the bag. It never failed that whatever color I needed was the bottom of the bag and I had to dump the whole thing out and sift through it to find what I was looking for. No bueno.

So as we've been cleaning and organizing in preparation for new carpet (I'm adamant than when we move everything out, nothing is going back in that doesn't need to be there!) I've been looking for a nail polish storage solution that wouldn't require me to dump bottles of nail polish on the floor on a regular basis.

So last night I was at Walmart looking at storage containers and I came across a perfect solution! Here it is:

They're stackable storage containers. They come in a set of two, so I bought two sets and have four containers, although only three are shown here. They all lock together with hooks on the side and they are exactly the height of a standard bottle of nail polish! I had a couple of weird bottles that were a tiny bit too tall, but only a couple. OPI and Essie and all the standard brands fit perfectly.

You can fit over 75 bottles in each case! I managed to get my whole stash into two containers. I put the reds and pinks in one and the blues and greens in the other and in the top case I put my nail art supplies, files, etc.

The whole thing locks together, doesn't take up much space and perfectly organizes everything without me ever having to dump it all out again! YAY!

I will say that the containers are not super heavy duty and durable. That much nail polish is heavy and I'm not sure if I would carry all three layers with that much weight around by the handle. I did carry it last night for a few seconds and it didn't come apart or anything but it made me slightly nervous that it would. I rarely need to carry it around though, as it never really goes very far, so that's not a big deal to me. I could always pick it up from the bottom if I needed to transport it. What's great is that if I do want to paint my nails in another room or something I can choose the color I want, put it in the top compartment with all my files and assorted supplies and then just unsnap and carry the top compartment to wherever I want to go. It's going to be so handy!!

So there you go! A perfect way to organize a gigantic stash of nail polish!

And now go vote for Josh. :)


Unknown said...

What's the name of the manufacturer of the stackable nail polish boxes?

Wendy said...

I just checked and the top of the box says Snapware. I found them at Walmart with all the plastic tubs and Rubbermade storage tubs. It's been a while since I bought them so I'm not sure if they still have them. Mine have held up well though and I would still reccomend them! Hope that helps!

Ashlee said...

Do you know what the dimensions are?

Amalia said...

What are the dimensions?

kimmycakes said...

WHAT ARE THE DIMENSIONS??? Not very helpful w/out them.